Educate My Daughters Like My Sons: Afghan Father Travels 12 Kilometers Every Day To Take Daughters To School

Mia Khan, a resident of Central Sharana of Paktika province, travels 12 kilometers every day on a motorcycle to get his daughters to school and waits for the dismissal bell to take them back to their house.

Khan says it is a routine for him to bring his daughters to school.

Talking about his kind act, Khan says he is illiterate and is living on daily wage, which is why he prioritizes the education of his daughters.

Khan says, “I am illiterate, and I live on daily wage, but my daughters’ education is very valuable to me because there is no female doctor in our area. It is my greatest desire to educate my daughters like my sons.”

Mia brings his daughters every day to the Nooraniya School, which is run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

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Posted by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan on Monday, 2 December 2019

Rozi, a daughter of Khan, said she is happy that she gets to go to school every day.

Rozi added, “I am so happy that I study, I am in grade six this year. My dad or brother brings us on a motorcycle every day to the school and when we leave, he brings us home again.”

Khan has 3 daughters, and all of them are studying at the same school, which is the Nooraniya School, a school for girls.

2 of the girls are in the 6th grade and the third one is in the 5th grade.

Khan also explained why he chose the school for his daughters.

Khan said the school offers amazing education for young children.

Education for children, especially girls, in the border province of Paktika, is not normal.

There are around 220 girls that are studying at the school.

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has over 100 community-based classes/schools in various areas of Paktika province.

The majority of the students at their community-based schools are girls, who do not have access to proper education in the country.

Thank you, Mr. Khan, you are the reason why your daughters are getting to live their small dream.

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