Ananya Panday says she would like to do a steamy scene with Varun Dhawan and adds that Varun is “Very Hot”

Ananya Panday, who stars in The Student of the Year 2, admits that she has a lot of crushes in the Bollywood industry, and adds that she finds Varun Dhawan “Very Hot”.

Panday shared her crushes when she was on Invite Only. The actress said that she has a crush on Kartik Aaryan, she said, “I do have a crush on him actually, I have always said it but I have many crushes. He is a big crush but then, there are also many crushes.”

The actress also talked about who she would choose if she had to do a steamy scene with, she said, “I find Varun very hot.”

Ananya Panday also said that she would go on a date with Kartik Aaryan over Ishaan Khatter if both of the actors ask her out at the same time.

The actress also opened about how she deals with her haters, she said, “People talk a lot about how thin I am, they keep trolling me on how skinny I am. But I can’t help it. I eat a lot and I am always eating. Right now I am getting so much love that I am really not focusing on haters, I have no time.”

She also talked about a life-ending experience during the shooting of Student of the Year 2, she explained what happened, “The airbags of the car opened up, Tiger Shroff came to save me, but when he realized that the car is going to blow up he ran in the other direction and left me.”

She added, “Everyone had left me in the car and gone! I had heard all these horror stories that once the airbags open up your nose breaks – so my first reaction was – Is my nose broken? Later I realized much more could have happened. Then I saw the movie and the scene is not there and I was like I have risked my life for this.”

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