Trump Supporter Is Being Sued For Not Paying Up $100 Bet After Donald Lost During 2020 Elections  

A Trump supporter is currently being sued for not paying up $100 in bet after Trump lost during the 2020 elections.

A simple proposal that was made through Facebook ended up escalating because one of them refused to pay up.

Sean Hynes of St. Petersburg, a Trump supporter, reached out to Jeffrey Costa, a friend from Atlanta and a Biden supporter, are the ones that are involved.

The 2 engaged in a friendly political debate on Facebook and kept in touch after moving apart.

They also had a bet for the elections.

The bet was if Biden won, Hynes would have to pay over $100 and if Trump won, Costa had to pay.

After Biden won, Hynes refused to acknowledge the election results, even after recounts.

Costa on the other hand was really serious about the bet, so he made sure he got his money.

The man sued his friend.

Costa decided to sue for his money along with $250 in court costs and $300 in interest on the unpaid bet.

The case was filed on December 28 in Pinellas County small claims court.

On November 7, 2020, the day after Biden won, Costa messaged Hynes about the bet.

Hynes said in the chat:

Bro, the elections are determined by the courts, not the networks. The two argued by message back and forth for weeks.

After waiting for a couple of months, Hynes took the matter into his own hands and sued.

Hynes unfriended him on Facebook too and did not answer after reporters reached out of it.

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