9 Simple Tricks That Can Be Used To Find Whether The Person Is Telling Truth Or Lie

Psychology plays a vital role in our daily life. Ever wondered that there are few tricks using which you can simply know whether a person is lying or not? Well, for one or other reason it is quite interesting to know about how to analyze the person’s words.

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Survey reveals that over 54 percent of lies can be actually spotted accurately, added that the extroverts also tell more lies than introverts and at least 82 percent of lies were often undetected. On the other hand, with the knowledge on detecting lies, one can lie better than before as he/she is aware of the major mistakes people do while lying.

On the same subject, the website named, Science of People read, “A baseline is how someone acts when they are under normal, non-threatening conditions. It is how someone looks when they are telling the truth.” Despite all this, there are certain strategies that can be used to spot a lie when things sound confusing or even conflicting.

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These are the 10 basic hacks by which you can find if a person is telling a truth or just faking it.

1. When the bodily expressions of them don’t match the topic they’re speaking of:

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The conflict between the speech and expression occurs when they’re telling a lie. Assume a flat ‘thank you’ accompanied with a frown for a big bouquet of flowers, doesn’t that indicate something really fishy? Other signs of a mismatch include a person shaking their head ‘NO’ while replying ‘YES’ to the question asked.

2. The subtle change in the voice:

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A prominent FBI official stated that this is the first strategy that works very well in identifying the authenticity of person’s words. It starts off with asking easy questions, such as what their name is or where they live, their expressions, voice reflects the probability of the truth behind it.

3. The sudden change in the language:

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Minimal errors in speaking might occur. “I took an apple” might become “I take apple”, these are subconscious most naturally.

4. They cover their eyes or mouth:

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Many want to bury the truth. And when it is their objective, they actually close their eyes completely. Sometimes, cup their mouth or eyes with hands.

5. Their eyes direction: 

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They cannot tell a lie looking straight into the listener’s eyes. So, they roll their eyes trying to build an imaginary answer that almost suits the right one.

6. Pointing their fingers:

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An act of deviation. When they want to convince the person with the lie, they do this. Additionally, if they point their finger in a different direction than the way their eyes are looking, they could also be telling a lie

7. Getting into the unnecessary details:

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A liar can go to any extent to convince the listener. They sometimes also have a tendency to add excessive detail to better the lie. They may also embellish with details that a person who is telling the truth wouldn’t think of adding at any point.

8. Unusual Gesticulating on face:

how to know if a kid is telling lie

Get down to the age-line, and think what a kid does when you ask him where the last cookie went, you might notice them licking their lips, looking at their nails, or even shaking hands, so, that’s all.

9. Pausing in between for a long time:

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To build a gripping story, one always needs a blank space. Liars pause a lot as they work to weave stories in their heads. If a proper attention is paid to these pauses, it may mean that an individual is making up events parallel to the talk that is going on.

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