Watch Video: This Man Forced Her To Drink Drug At A Bar, She Then Dipped Her Fingers In The Drink! Why?

Day-by-day, the sexual assault cases are increasing in the world. Women are unsafe these days, no matter it was during the night or daytime, culprits force women and rape them.

Rape Drug Detector - Women Safety

Many people are trying to find a perfect solution to stop these sexual assaults all over the world. One such attempt is ‘Undercover Colours’. This is a project taken up by a college student and their research is about detecting the rape drug in the drinks.

A group of students North Carolina State University, Ankesh Madan, Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Stephen Grey and Tasso Von Windheim, have created a drug-sensitive nail polish called Undercover Colors.

This could surely help women when they are helpless.

1. The Nail Trick:

Dig Nail Polished Finger in Drink

2. Apply & Use:

Nail polish detects rape drug

Apply your undercover colours polish, and now dip your fingers in a drink offered to you.

3. Colour Change:

Rape Drug can be detected

If the colour of your nail changes, it means your drink has been mixed with drugs.

Watch Video:

We should appreciate and thank these students for this amazing invention, as this could save a lot of women in the future.

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