Ever Wondered Why Blades Have This Shape In The Middle?

There are many things like stationery items, toothbrushes and razor blades without which we can’t run our day smoothly. But, behind every single thing, there is an important reason and purpose behind its shape and functioning. Out of all such things, it is razor blades which we might notice in our homes while our elders shave or at the hair salons when the barber uses.


Some things are such that we take them all the time in life but never pay attention to them, why they are made like this and that Who made this so? Today we will tell you about the blade why its texture is such and who made it.

So, today, let us discuss the theory behind the size of the middle part of the blade that has unique curves and edges. There is a very interesting story behind this appearance of the blade.

why do blades have shape in the middle

Camp Gillat, who started the Gillette Company in 1901, shaped the blade, then it was the only company that made blades and razors. The blade is quite thin and can be lightly broken by pressure, so it has been kept in the middle to give it flexibility. So that it does not break when it is folded or put on pressure. And this size can fit easily into the razor.

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