Mumbai Auto Driver Returns Bag Containing Rs 80K, Earns Free Education For His Kids

There are many people in the world who had done many scams, cheated others, earning illegally, corrupt and dishonest, but still, we can say that honesty is alive in some people like Amit Gupta. There’s a saying that ‘if we do good to others, we will also be rewarded with good.’

Very little did auto driver Amit know that a good deed of returning a passenger’s forgotten bag would put a full stop to his financial struggle to provide his children with education.


Sarla Namboodiri (68) owns Arunodaya English School which provides education to primary and pre-primary kids. It is located in Chembur, Mumbai. She would always park her car a little away from the school and one day, she took Amit’s auto to reach her car.

She told, “I drive down to the school but I park my car a little away. As I have some difficulty in walking, after school, I take an auto till car park around 3 pm.” Two months ago, i.e. on December 21, she took Amit’s auto to reach her car and forgot to take her bag before getting off.

Sarla told, “After reaching my car, I realized that I had left my bag in the auto and I panicked.” The bag contained Rs 80,000 cash that was collected from students as fees, credit and debit cards, Aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, car registration documents, two cell phones, house keys and locker keys.


“I live alone and the school was to stay shut the next day. For a minute, I did not know what to do. I drove to the school and asked the peon to look for the auto. One of the peons went up to the main road and approached a paan vendor, who said that the auto driver had made a stop at his shop and that his name was Amit Gupta,” she said.

Sarla’s only hope was to approach police and lodge a complaint as she has no clue of Amit Gupta but after half an hour, Amit came and returned the bag. He said that the bag was noticed by another passenger and he remembered that it was Sarla’s bag.

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Sarla later told, “After he left, it struck me that I hadn’t taken his contact details and I wanted to do something for him. I approached the paan vendor, but the phone number he gave me was wrong.” However, she continued her hunt for the driver got success earlier this week and called Amit to her school.

Since Amit’s financial condition was not good, Sarla offered his two kids free education after knowing that he can’t afford to send his kids to school. In her words, “I found out that he wasn’t doing well financially. I learned that he had two kids but couldn’t afford to send them to school. Being a former teacher and with my experience in the education sector, I decided to provide his children free education.”

Amit Gupta was not only honored but also awarded prize money of Rs. 10,000. Sarla said, “Had Gupta not brought my bag back, I would have had to face a lot of trouble.”

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