New Study Finds Men Touch Their Testicles Nearly 7 Times Per Day

A new study found that men touch their testicles nearly 7 times per day on an average.

The month of November is known for No Nut Month or the No Shave November, and the latest one is Check your nut November.

KP Nuts and Movember Charity asked 2,000 men about their ball-checking habits to raise awareness about testicular cancer.

The 2 groups want to increase awareness of regular testicular checkups.

The study found out that 23 percent of men touched their testicles at least 10 times a day and what’s more shocking is that nearly two-thirds have never had their balls checked by a doctor or a medical professional.

What shocked everyone was that 1 percent of the men said that they touch their balls 50 times per day.

Worryingly, 11 percent of the men said they never checked themselves and 62 percent of the men said that they had not had their testicles checked by a doctor in more than 10 years.

The study also found out that men grab their testicles when they’re nervous.

Men are also more likely to pay more attention to their testicles if they have gotten hit in their nuts while playing sports or other instances.

What are the most popular injuries in testicles?
  1. Hit by a ball during sport
  2. Sat awkwardly and hurt themselves
  3. Received an accidental smack by their child
  4. Snared themselves with a trouser zip
  5. Slipped and banged them while riding a bike
  6. Carrying something
  7. Injury during sex
  8. Hit by an overenthusiastic dog or pet
  9. Accidentally smeared them with something that stings, like Deep Heat
  10. DIY

The study also found out that men adjust their testicles after they end up sitting awkwardly at work or at home.

How Serious Is Testicular Cancer?

Kevin McNair, the Marketing Director of the KP Snacks, said, “Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men and in most cases if caught early, there is a 95 percent chance of survival.”

He added, “It’s incredibly worrying that only 7 percent of men talk to their friends about checking their nuts for cancer and only a third of having had them checked professionally in the last ten years.”

He continued, “We want to raise awareness of how important it is for men to take control of their testicle health.”

If you haven’t gotten your balls checked, go to the doctors now!

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