Study Says Swearing Is Good For Our Mental Health

Swearing is good, says a study.

A new study that was carried out suggests that swearing is good for your mental health.

Over 28 percent of people in the study said that swearing actually helps them stay motivated, especially during this coronavirus pandemic and its lockdown measures.

41 percent said that they swore at themselves to boost enthusiasm.

The study also found out that 36 percent of the people in the study swore to reduce stress and 27 percent said that swearing helps them feel better on a bad day.

According to the research, which was carried out by Clementine, a wellness application, people love to swear.

69 percent of the users used the word f*ck, 62 percent love to use the word sh*t, and 32 percent love to use the word b*ll*cks.

Half of the people surveyed said they stopped using the c-word.

The majority of the people in the study are men.

Dr. Emma Byrne, a language expert, said that profanities can serve as a mood booster, painkiller, and also a tool that is used in social bonding.

The woman said:

Swearing engages both sides of your brain, the language centre in the left brain and the emotional centre in the right brain, and the positive impact of this is far-reaching. Research also shows that women are just as partial to a bit of swearing as men – meaning all of us can benefit. I’m not surprised that more people are turning to bad language in 2020. Swear words pack an emotional punch that other parts of language just can’t match.

Well, it looks like I need to swear to feel good.

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