This Russian Girl Marries Indian Labourer And Changes His Life, Here’s Why?

The world is becoming smaller and smaller with inter-racial marriages. These marriages have become a common venture. While a few people in India still continue honor killing in order to protect their so-called caste, there also exist people like Narendra.

russian girl married indian barman

He broke all the norms of Indian societal constraints to get married to his love. Narendra belongs to a small village from Madhya Pradesh. His family fetches their income by working in agriculture fields.

Narendra works as a barman in a restaurant in Goa. He even got settled in his job, looking after his parents and happy with his life. Having taken up a job as a barman, little did he know his life was to take a drastic turn from then on.

russian girl married indian labour

As usually one day he was on his duty and a girl from Russia visited the bar. She ordered her mug of beer and Narendra served her. From the next minute, he life took a U-turn. And the girl is Anastatha. The two loved each other and Narendra crossed paths with the beautiful Anastatha.

Later, it was known that Anastatha works in the Economics Department at the Russian Parliament House. Anastatha made a visit to Goa several times in the past few years to meet up with her love, Narendra also made a trip to Moscow.

russian girl marries indian barman

Both got married. The duo is currently in Narendra’s village. The villagers were in shock to see the couple. Narendra has also applied for a Russian visa and intend to continue his journey with his love in Moscow.

However, Narendra crossed all the paths with Russian officer Anastatha and is leading a happy life. Anyway, Congratulations Narendra for your success.

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