Sailugem Bear: Russian Beast That Was Believed To Be Mythological Found Roaming Around Argali Mountain

A bear that was believed to have gone extinct has been spotted for the first time in 60 years as it was roaming a mountain range in Russia.

Stunned tourists spotted the extremely rare animal.

The Sailugem was not spotted anywhere in Russia since the middle of the last century.

Some experts even said that the creature is mythical because there is very less known about it.

However, the remarkable images that were taken prove that the blond-colored bear is alive and is living somewhere in the Altai Mountains.

According to reports, the bear was found in a remote area, which is close to a point where the frontiers of Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan meet.

Tourists spotted the bear while they were observing rare birds of prey and argali mountain sheep.

A representative said that the visitors had seen a ghost.

Before these images, scientists believed that there was little evidence of the animal, so they could not prove it in a scientific journal.

Thanks to the images that were shared, the adult Sailugem bear is now officially alive!

The images were caught in 2019.

Dr. Genrikh Sobamsky, a Russian Zoologist, spotted the bear in the middle of the last century.

But after that, this animal was never seen in the wild again, which led the authorities to believe that the animal is no more.

A representative of the Kaichi Travel said:

An absolutely incredible event took place in our June trip. We met a wild bear, and not a common brown bear but almost a ghost – the Sailugem bear. When we arrived at a flat rock, we noticed the leg of a big fluffy animal some 60-70 metres below us (197 to 230 ft). Soon it showed itself completely, and to our surprise, it was a real Sailugem bear, blond and very beautiful. It walked around a bit and we were happy we could make some pictures… as evidence, just to show the world the Sailugem bear really exists.

The group knew that they had witnessed something very rare and special.

The group said that they were excited and impressed when they started to take images of the animal, which was once believed as a mythological creature.

Despite the images, there is a lack of evidence on this type of bear.

Experts all over the world said that the animal does not exist and some said that the animal had gone extinct.

Some researchers said that the creature is highly related to the Tien Shan Bear, an endangered bear that is only found in Kazakhstan.

Officials of the park said that they will start to find the animal and study it to know more about this creature.

This bear has a light blonde type color and has white claws.

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