Take It Easy {Hindi} Movie Review, Rating and Collections – Vikram Gokhale, Raj Zutshi

Take It Easy is an latest 2015  Hindi children’s film written and directed by Sunil Prem Vyas and produced by Dharmesh Pandit. The film stars Vikram Gokhale, Raj Zutshi, Supriya Karnik, Dipannita Sharma and Anang Desai. Upon release the film received mixed reviews. The film is scheduled for release on January 2, 2015. Music is composed by Papply.

Take It Easy {Hindi} Movie Review, Rating and Collections

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Take It Easy Rating: 2.5/5

Take It Easy Movie Cast & Crew:

Director : Sunil Prem Vyas

Writter : Sunil Prem Vyas

Story : Sunil Prem Vyas

Starring : Vikram Gokhale,Dipannita Sharma,Raj Zutshi,Anang Desai,Joy Sengupta,Sulbha Arya,Supriya Karnik

Production company : Prince Productions

Distributer : Hash Entertainment

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Release date :2nd January 2015

Country :India

Language :Hindi

Take It Easy Movie Story Line:

The story is about how the parents pressurizing their child for the better result and performance in school. In this process parents are putting some extra burden on their child. Sometime this pressure made child depressed and most of the students and child have not able to bear this pressure and takes some wrong steps. According to the initial reviews movie will help change the mentality of the families and child relation.

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The film is an emotional journey of two friends ‘Ajay’ & ‘Raghu’, (age 10-12). How their friendship turns into jealously & later into rivalry when they are constantly forced to compete & compared to each other and how their sweet, innocent and unbiased humanity rebinds their friendship leaving a moral message for the parents, teachers, school or rather for the whole social & educational structure of our country. The current situation is really alarming when 8th-10th grade kids are committing suicide due to constant pressure from parents, who are unknowingly forcing them into a rat race.

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Take it Easy Movie Review :

The subject deals with how parents should be guided not to be over-protective & not to keep high expectations from their children. Parents hardly realize that the comparison is becoming judgmental, creating all the adequate reasons to affect the psychological upbringing of the child.

The focus is on how & why it is so important to make them a good human being first, rather than a good doctor/engineer/architect/or any professional. The concept that ‘The First School’ starts at home is reiterated throughout the script.

The young actors Yash Ghanekar as ‘Ajay’ and Prasad Reddy as ‘Raghu’ play extremely good roles in the film. Actors Joy Sengupta and Dipannita Sharma play the role of richest parents of the small boy Ajay. Raj Zutshi plays the role of Raghu’s Father and Anang Desai plays the role of loving and cool grandfather.

Take It Easy Rating: 2.5/5

Final Verdict:

‘Take It Easy’ is a story of innocent cute little children and their dreams. Movie has good story idea but the execution of the film is like a never ending daily soap serials.

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