What To Eat And What Not To Eat During Lunar Eclipse? Things You Need To Know

Today, it’s a rare lunar event that many people around the world are waiting to witness, a total lunar eclipse. One of the best parts of it is it will coincide with the phenomena of a super-moon and a blue moon. And this is the first lunar eclipse of 2018. Many parts of the globe may catch a glimpse Wednesday of a giant crimson moon, thanks to a rare lunar trifecta.

Lunar Eclipse Red Moon

While some of the events will be visible to everyone, only select parts of the world will get to see the full collision of three events. The lunar eclipse will be fully visible only to people in the east of Asia and the West of the US, though more of the world will get to see some of it.

A phenomenon such as this has always fascinated people, and while Indian Vedic texts and other similar scriptures do have mentions of it, there are several myths and superstitions associated with it as well. Since no one challenged them, those superstitions have continued, and so have the stories associated with them.

Here we are going to discuss what to eat and what not to eat during Lunar Eclipse. You might have heard that eating during lunar eclipse period is harmful to health, right? Have you ever thought what happens if we eat anything during this period?

Why eating food is harming during eclipse period

According to the science, there is no reason behind this eating stuff. Indeed, many scientists have often protested against such superstitions. It just came along as part of Hindu mythology, which is incorporated into our culture and widely practiced even today.

A few people believe that there is one scientific reason for not eating during Eclipse. Science has proved that during an eclipse, there is enhanced radiation of ultraviolet and other rays that contaminate food. On an eclipse day, the radiations of the Sun are more intensive and hence deteriorate the living cells at a faster rate.

Eclipse period

Cooked food is affected as it contains water, and during an eclipse, water attracts more radiations, which in turn contaminate the food. To prevent this, tulsi leaves are placed on cooked food to repel radiations. But, none of the beliefs about the harmful nature of eclipses have any basis in science or in fact.

A Bad Omen (sign or warning):

First of all, a lunar eclipse is regarded as a bad omen by many cultures of the world and India is not an exception to that. Scientifically, there has been no evidence to prove that eclipse can be harmful during pregnancy, but many consider it as a bad omen for pregnant women. The superstitions also go to the extent of asserting that moving out during the eclipse or watching it may cause one to give birth to a deformed baby.

Pros and Cons of Eclipse for Pregnant women

It is also believed that a pregnant woman should not cut anything with a knife during the eclipse or the baby will be born with a harelip. But scientists say it is nothing of the sort, just a superstition that has no scientific explanation. Therefore, the pregnant women are not allowed to leave their rooms during the eclipse and the curtains are drawn so that the Moon does not pose a threat.

We hope this article helped you clear your doubts to some extent regarding eclipse.

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