Coronavirus: Is It Safe To Have Sex While Social-Distancing Or Self-Isolating?

Since the Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization), the governments all over the world are asking their residents to stay inside and practice social distancing so the spread of the virus can be stopped.

As of writing this article, we are still at the beginning of the lockdown, but people all over the world are having a hard time staying occupied.

To pass their time in a good way, people are playing games, learning how to cook, make TikTok videos, and other things, but they are wondering if it is okay to have sex amidst the pandemic.

The case differs from case to case, so if you want to have a good answer, you must continue to read this article.

Paul Hunter, a health expert from the University of East Anglia, has some words for people that are wondering if they can have sex amidst the pandemic.

Paul said, “If you or your partner are self-isolating because one of you have symptoms (cough or fever) then providing you live together then you do not necessarily need to give up sex …”

He added, “If you are free of symptoms but are social distancing, then there are no reasons why you cannot continue to have sex with your partner when you live together.”

However, yes there is a however in this case, and there will be in the upcoming months or even years.

Paul said, “If you or your partner is in one of the vulnerable groups because of age or pre-existing disease then you need to stay away from them as much as possible and this would mean avoid sex.”

He added, “The evidence is unclear about whether vigorous exercise is bad for you when you are acutely unwell with fever or pneumonia. Nevertheless, it would probably be best to avoid sex whilst you feel poorly.”

He continued, “If your sex life is rather more bohemian and you cannot get to have sex without mixing with some/many other people, this mixing is advised against so stay at home. This is especially important if you are in one of the at-risk groups. Whether you do or do not still have sex during this period remember to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds and avoid touching your or your partner’s face with unwashed hands.”

There is your answer folks, stay safe and wear protection!

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