Doctor Removes 20 Live Worms From 60-Year-Old Chinese Man’s Eyelid

A 60-year-old man from China that was having weird sensations inside his eyes for a bunch of months ended up having to go through a minor procedure to get 20 live worms removed from his eyes.

The old man said he left the weird feeling unattended for some months but when going to the doctor, he found out there were worms living inside his eyes.

The patient, who has been identified as Wan, his surname, said he felt the sensation of a foreign body in his eyes a couple of months ago but he thought that the condition was caused by tiredness.

As a result, he ended up not getting medical help.

However, after a couple of months, Wan, who is from the city of Suzhou, which is located in the Jiangsu province of China, started to feel pain in his eye.

He was admitted to the Suzhou Municipal Hospital for a thorough medical examination.

Dr. Xi Ting, the doctor, later said that a cluster of tiny worms is stuck in the right eyelid of Wan.

Doctors had to carry out a procedure to remove the wriggly worms from the patient’s eyelid.

They ended up removing 20 white slender roundworms, which are also known as nematodes.

The worms are known as parasites that are living in the conjunctival sac or tear ducts of dogs. They could also be found inside the tear ducts of cats and other animals.

Wan does not have any pets, but he said that he was constantly outside and might have played with animals.

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