14-Year-Old Indore Boy’s Egg Cart Overturned By Cruel Officers After He Refused To Pay Them A Bribe

Indore, India: A 14-year-old boy that was selling eggs had his egg cart overturned by cruel police officers after he refused to pay them a bribe.

The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh, where the government has strict rules on opening shops during this coronavirus pandemic.

The boy in the video said that the officials warned him in the morning to remove his egg cart or pay Rs. 100 in an apparent bribe.

But he refused, and as a result, the authorities tipped his cart, leaving him with no eggs.

A video of the incident is currently viral on social media, and it shows an overturned cart and eggs leaking their yolks.

The boy could be seen shouting at civic officials.

The identity of the boy was not shared with the public.

It is still not clear if the local government launched an investigation against the authorities that overturned the egg cart of the boy.

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