2-Day-Old Girl Stabbed 100 Times With Screwdriver, Body Left Inside Temple In India

A 2-day old girl was found with 100 stab wounds from a screwdriver inside a temple in India.

The news comes amidst a spate of newborn girl murders in the entire country of India.

On the morning of Thursday, the police were called after it was reported that a baby wrapped in a blanket was lying next to a temple in Bhopal.

It was initially thought by the locals that the girl had been savaged by an animal.

However, an autopsy that was carried out by the experts suggested that her wounds inflicted by a screwdriver.

The Ayodhya Nagar Police Station said that they are currently scouring CCTV footages in the area to find the person that did the heartless attack.

The police believe that the baby was born at a house before she was murdered.

In the past 2 weeks, 2 other girls were killed in the city of Bhopal. The 2 kids were murdered by their own mothers.

In India, parents believe that it is better to have a boy than a daughter due to traditional beliefs. Many want to continue the last name of the family and boys are supposed to help the family once the parents grow old.

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