28-Year-Old Indian Ophthalmologist Arrested For Having Links With Terrorist Group ISIS

New Delhi, India: The NIA has arrested an ophthalmologist from a medical college for having links with operatives that belong to ISIS, a terrorist organization.

According to the NIA, National Investigation Agency, the ophthalmologist was working with the operatives to create a medical and weaponry-related application.

This was being done to help terrorist cadres and furthering the activities of the terrorist organization in the country.

28-year-old Abdur Rahman, who was working at MS Ramaiah Medical College, was taken into custody on Monday.

He had a connection with the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP).

The ISKP case was initially registered in March this year by the Delhi Police Special Cell. This came after the arrest of Jahanzaib Sami Wani and his wife Hina Bashir Beigh, a couple from Kashmir. The 2 reportedly had affiliations with ISKP, which is an affiliate group of ISIS.

The couple were involved in anti-national activities and were in touch with a member of the Abu Dhabi module of the ISIS, Abdullah Basith, who was arrested by the NIA afterwards.

Basith is currently inside the Tihar jail right now.

Sonia Narang, a spokesperson for the NIA, said:

During interrogation, arrested accused Rahman confessed that he was conspiring with accused Sami and other Syria-based ISIS operatives on secure messaging platforms to further ISIS activities. He was in the process of developing a medical application for helping the injured ISIS cadres in the conflict zones and a weaponry-related application for the benefit of ISIS fighters.

The NIA found that Rahman went to Syria and even visited a medical camp that was run by ISIS in the early 2014 for treatment. He was there for 10 days.

After the arrest of Rahman, a doctor, the NIA carried out 3 of his properties.

The NIA seized digital devices, mobile phone, and a laptop containing incriminating material.

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