29-year-old woman and her 9-year-old and 5-year-old children hammered to death in New Delhi flat

New Delhi, India: In a horrible incident that was reported to the police, a woman and her 2 young children were beaten to death with a hammer inside their house in Nihal  Vihar Community.

The victims have been identified as 29-year-old female, Preeti Gupta, and her two children aged nine and five.

The bodies of the 3 victims were sent for an autopsy.

The police are currently searching for the husband of the woman, who left the house after the incident happened.

The family was living at a rented house in Shiv Park Flat in New Delhi.

Gagan Kumar, the husband of Preeti Gupta, was an alcoholic.

Kumar works as a marble contractor and Preeti Gupta was a housewife.

The family had a lot of issues going on, but they were not revealed to the public by the family of the victim.

The incident came to light when Ram Chandra, the father of Preeti, tried to call her, however, there was no response.

Upon going to their house, the father saw the blood-soaked bodies of his daughter and young grandchildren.

A Koan, the deputy commissioner of police (outer Delhi), confirmed the news and said that a blunt object was used in the incident.

DCP Koan said the police are currently searching for the husband.

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