3 Seriously Injured After Andhra Pradesh Man Sets Car On Fire After Locking Them Inside It

A car with 3 people inside it was set on fire by a man in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, leaving the passengers in a serious condition.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the car and the people inside the vehicle were set on fire over a property dispute.

Venugopal Reddy, the suspect, set the vehicle on fire and escaped from the spot.

Authorities are currently trying to arrest him.

V Harshavardhan Raju, a senior police officer in Vijayawada, said Reddy was a business partner of the men. However, their business did not run well.

Gangadhar, a victim, and Reddy parted ways after their business plan failed.

The officer said that the accused had been trying to talk to Gangadhar, however, he was not responding.

A preliminary investigation said that the wife, a friend, and Gangadhar went to meet Reddy on Monday.

Gangadhar and his 2 companions were speaking with Reddy inside their car at around 4:45 PM when suddenly Reddy got out the car and set it on fire.

It is said that Reddy poured petrol inside the car and set it on fire.

He then ran away from the spot.

The 3 people that were inside the car were rushed to a hospital with serious burn injuries.

Gangadhar and his wife sustained burn injuries and are out of danger, however, the friend of Gangdhar is currently in a serious condition after sustaining burn injuries.

The wife of the victim was sent home and Gangadhar was brought to a police station so his statement could be recorded by the authorities.

V Harshavardhan Raju, a senior police officer in Vijayawada, a case will be filed after legal formalities will be done.

An official team has been formed to arrest Reddy.

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