6 Camels That Were Rescued From A Local Market In Darrang, Assam Are Being Taken Cared By Police Officers

Darrang, Assam: The 6 camels that were seized from a local market are being taken cared for by police officers at a police station.

The 6 camels were seized by the police on August 11, 2019, and since then, they have been in their custody.

The camels were saved from being slaughtered during the Eid al-Adha celebration this year.

But since then, the police have been taking care of the animals.

A police officer at the Darrang Police, said, “It’s difficult for us to maintain them because we have no knowledge about them. We are also concerned about the impact of Assam’s climate on them. However, we are consulting veterinarians to ensure that they remain in good health.”

The police are waiting for the decision of the court.

The police said, “There was a claim by one individual. But we moved the court on Tuesday for giving the custody to the Animal Welfare Board of India. It can ensure the safety and welfare of the animals and take them back to Rajasthan with due process.”

The police added, “Being a law enforcing agency, we deal with a variety of cases every day. There are investigations, criminal cases, and VIP movements too. And these days we also have to depute our staff to ensure the welfare of camels.”

The police said 5 camels are currently staying at the Dhula Police Station and the other one is staying at the Mangaldai Police Station.

The camel is declared as the state animal of Rajasthan, and with that, the State Assembly of Rajashtan introduced the Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export Law for Camels.

The law bans slaughtering and smuggling Camels in India.

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