70-Year-Old Punjabi Woman Runs Food Stall In Streets Instead Of Begging To Survive

A video that was shared by renowned Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh shows a 70-year-old woman running a food stall in the streets instead of begging in order to survive rough times.

The video that we are talking about, which is viral on the internet right now, shows the woman sitting on a tiny stall right next to a make-shift stove as she made food.

The woman makes daal, sabzi, and parathas at the Phagwara Gate market in Jalandhar.

In the video, the woman was heard saying that she is earning less during this coronavirus pandemic due to less traveling.

She added: “People spend an extravagant amount to eat in big hotels, but here at my stall, the food is affordable and reasonable.”

The woman then shared that she started working on her own after her husband’s death.

The woman, who was only identified as “Bebe Ji”, which means mother in Punjabi, said that she used cooking in order to earn a living and survive.

Diljit, the singer that shared her video, asked people to visit her shop so she could survive and get through rough times like these.

You can eat at her stall, which is located in Phagwara Gate, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bebe Ji, may she do well in life, and may she stay healthy.

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