90-Year-Old Grandmother Is Learning How To Use A Laptop So She Could Read The News

A 90-year-old grandmother from Kerala, India, has won the hearts of social media users all over the world.

The grandmother is learning how to use the internet so she could read the news and stay updated.

Mary Mathews, the woman, went viral on social media after Arun Thomas, her grandson, shared her image on Reddit.

Mathews was born in the 1930s. This is the time where newspapers and magazines were the only things that helped them get updated, but that changed.

Sharing the images on Reddit, Arun said:

My grandmother, aged 90, learning to use the laptop to read the e-newspaper. I think her willingness to accept and adapt to change is really appreciable.

The pictures have gone viral on the internet.

Arun later said in the comments that his grandmother prefers reading newspapers, but she wants to learn how to use a laptop so she could read more.

Arun explained:

Apparently she doesn’t like it as much as the physical paper yet. But I think she is going to pick up fast and like this one soon enough.

During an interview with the local news agencies in India, Arun said that their family stopped subscribing to physical newspapers during this pandemic because of they got scared.

Mary has been reading news online for the past one month and is learning how to use laptops slowly.

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