Judge With Golden Heart Dismisses Violation Charges After Hearing How Mother Lost Her Son Recently

At one point in our lives, we become so numb that we just want to break down and let all the emotion out, but none of us imagine that happening in front of a judge when you were there to pay a violation charge.

A young mother named Andrea paid a visit to Judge Frank Caprio’s courtroom in March a couple of years ago and at that time, she was just at the point of breaking down.

She had a number of problems with her parking tickets back.

The fines started to show up and she was brought into court so she could pay $50.

When the judge started to talk with Andrea, it came to light that Andrea just lost his son, which was 1 year before she was brought in court, which happened in 2017.

In the wake of his sudden death, the social security office stopped sending checks to them because the state had claimed that her son owed them $75.

When Andrea left the office after getting things sorted out, she discovered that a parking ticket was on her vehicle.

From that point, everything just went south for the poor mother.

Andrea was recently evicted from her apartment and had to go to court to settle that dispute, but when she left, the poor mother found another ticket on her car.

After visiting another office to take care of some things, she went inside the coffee shop to get some change, and after coming out to her vehicle, the mother had another ticket on her name.

At this point, the mother was still in the process of paying off the funeral expenses of her mother.

She also told Judge Carpio that the medicine that she takes, which are antidepressants, leaves her empty and lost all the time.

At this point, the heart of Judge Caprio could not do anything, so he had something in mind to help out the poor mother.

Andrea told the court that if she paid the fines, she would only be left with $5 on her name, but the judge did not want that to happen.

Judge Caprio ended up waving off the fines the mother had and told her that she deserves the break.

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