After Kerala, Rajasthan To Issue Separate Identity Cards For Transgenders


In a Progressive move, the Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan has chosen to give separate personality cards for people for the transgender community in the state.

Rajasthan Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Master Bhanwarlal Meghwal said that giving separate personality cards will help individuals of the community to get the advantage of government employments and the benefits of all government projects.

Meghwal furthermore told that orders had been given sent as a hard copy to all the local authorities of the state to make a different personal identity card for this community. A month ago, Rajsthan had declared a new progressive plan for transgenders in the state, under which individuals from the community will be given special training.

After Kerala, Rajasthan To Issue Separate Identity Cards For Transgenders
After Kerala, Rajasthan To Issue Separate Identity Cards For Transgenders

Rajasthan is just the subsequent Indian state to give separate ID cards for transgenders. In 2018, Kerala had become the first state in India to give ID cards to the transgender community to guarantee the benefits and advantages offered by the government to individuals from the community.


Kerala was additionally the only Indian state to have adopted a new transgender policy. In 2019 the Kerala Social Justice Department had made the whole application process by which transgenders can apply for ID cards very quickly on their website.


This step comes on the advice received by the community, which said the application procedure was taking longer than expected. Individuals from the transgender community were not comfortable about visiting different offices. They likewise needed improvement in the identity card – they needed it to indicate their sexual orientation.


Even when the Supreme Court judgment in the year 2014 of National Legal Services Authority vs. Union of India gave an Indian resident the sole right to self-determination. The judgment which proof of their sexual orientation character and perceiving transgenders as the third sex, very little has been done to improve their societal position. Rights organizations state they regularly face immense discrimination, and on occasions, even the hospitals don’t will provide them assistance.


They have been compelled to pick either male or female as their sexual orientation in most cases. As per one survey, India has around 2,000,000 transgender individuals.


A year ago, regardless of the resistance from a large segment of the community, the government had passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights), Bill. Many in the community say that specific arrangements in the law are illegal, including the development of local level, five-part screening advisory groups to affirm the sex of a transgender individual — an arrangement that obviously runs against the Supreme Court’s 2014 judgment that allowed the privilege to self-acknowledgment of sexual orientation to transgender people.

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