Childless Indian Farmer Adopts Calf As “Son” And Invites 500 Guests To Attend Its Adoption Ceremony

Not a party you imagined attending.

A man in India threw a massive party because they attended a calf, which they will be treating like their own son.

The farmer that we are talking about does not have any son.

Vijaypal and Rajeshwari Devi, the couple, adopted the calf because they failed to conceive a child after 15 years of marriage.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The family held the “mundane” ceremony, which is usually carried out for sons.

The calf was named Laltu Baba.

Laltu Baba was brought to the Laltu Ghat, which is located on the banks of the Gomti River for the ritual.

The priest gave blessings to the calf and its parents.

Around 500 people were invited to the ceremony and everyone that attended the village that was invited brought gifts.

A feast was also carried out at the party.

Talking about the ceremony, the family said:

I always treated Laltu as my son. The calf has been attached to us since its birth. Laltu’s love for us is true and unconditional.

Ratnesh Mishra, a local, said that they were shocked to see the invitation.

They added:

We were surprised to see the ‘mundan’ invitation. A lot of people attended. We were all excited and happy for the couple and calf.

Vijaypal felt lonely in their house after the death of his parents and they did not have any kid.

Not only that, his 2 young sisters have been married, so the fact that they had no one to look after was really bothering him.

The mother of Laltu was really special for Vijaypal, and when she passed away, the calf was left alone.

The couple decided to adopt the calf as their own child after the calf was left alone.

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