Chilling CCTV Footage Shows Indian Man Walking Up Behind Son And Hammering Him To Death

Visakhapatnam, India: A CCTV video that was shared on social media shows a father walking up behind his son and hammering him to death in a premeditated manner.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday this week in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

Veera Raju, the man, subsequently surrendered to the police.

He told them that he killed his son over a property dispute.

The visuals from the parking area of their house shows approaching his son, who was sitting on a stool and hitting a hammer on his head.

The son collapsed on the spot right after being hit by the hammer.

It is said that an argument broke out between the man and his son over a property.

Veera Raju and his son were seamen.

Raju retired from the merchant navy, his son returned to their house last week.

A Visakhapatnam West Police Officer said:

Veera Raju killed his son Jalaraju after a heated argument took place between them over a property dispute. Veera Raju attacked his son with a hammer and murdered him on the spot.

The father turned himself in after killing his son.

A case of murder has been registered and Raju has been sent to judicial remand.

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