Coronavirus Outbreak: Indian Government Cancels All Visas Issued To Foreign Nationals Travelling From China

The government of India has canceled all visas that were issued to foreign nationals that were coming from China, in their latest efforts to keep the deadly virus out of India.

Their efforts come after 150 passengers with the symptoms of the deadly virus were sent to isolation units

In a statement that Health Minister Harsh Vardhan released at the Rajya Sabha, he asked that people not to travel to China.

The minister said all people coming from China will be quarantined.

21 airports, 12 major seaports, and minor seaports in India have stepped up their efforts to detect the deadly virus.

Check posts on the Nepal border have also started the screening sessions.

S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister, said there are around 80 Indians that remained in Wuhan, China.

Out of them, 10 students that came to an airport had a fever, and were not allowed to board the special Air India flight by the authorities of China.

The remaining 70 voluntarily stayed back.

India also offered help in evacuating its citizens from China, but out of the neighboring countries, which include Pakistan, only Maldives chose to accept their help.

India has brought back 7 people from the Maldives.

Ministers comprising Cabinet Ministers for External Affairs and Civil Aviation Minister and Ministers of State for Home, Shipping and Health and Family Welfare were tasked by the government to monitor the entire outbreak in a strict way.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said 1,275 flights have been screened in India.

He added, “As of today, a total of 1,275 flights have been screened covering a total of 139,539 passengers, and 150 passengers identified with symptoms have been referred to isolation facilities.”

As part of the efforts in stopping the virus to spread, the government of India has canceled all the eVisas that they issued to foreign nationals that went to China.

People that are coming from China to India will be quarantined to make sure all of them are well.

Residents or tourists in China that have valid reasons to visit India are advised to contact the Indian embassy in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

Universal Thermal Screening has been made compulsory for all flights that are coming from Singapore and Thailand.

As of this writing, 3 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported in India so far.

All of the cases are in Kerala, and the patients traveled to Wuhan, China.

The 3 patients are currently in an isolated area and are reported to be clinically stable.

India has evacuated 647 people from China.

The National Health Commission of China announced that the death toll in mainland China from the coronavirus has surged to 811.

A Japanese and an American became the first foreigners to die off the illness in mainland China.

Over 37,198 people have been infected by the coronavirus, which has surpassed the numbers of the 2002-2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

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