Curious Tigress And Her Cubs Walk Up To Person That Was Filming Them

Animals are pretty curious and that’s how it is and that’s how it will be.

In a recent video that is viral on the internet right now, a curious tigress and her cubs were seen walking up to a person that was filming them.

According to reports, the field director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, which is in India, was on their daily route when they managed to capture a tigress and her cubs roaming around.

It is said that the tigress was out on a walk with her family, which consists of 4 cubs, during nightfall.

Initially, the tigress walked away from the car, where the field director was filming them, and after some time, she turned around and walks right up to the field director.

The tigress and her family could be seen for some time as they were highlighted by the light that was being emitted by the headlights of the car.

After some time, they went back into the dark.

Ramesh Pandey, a Senior Indian Forest Officer, shared the video on Twitter and said that everything was worth the watch.

While sharing the clip, they said:

Brilliant and beautiful capture of tigress with cubs in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve by Field Director. A worth watch.

The video has been watched by thousands of social media users since it was shared on Twitter.

Susanta Nanda, a famous IFS officer in India, shared the video and said: “Rewards of Forest Service. Would have been more rewarding to all of us without the sound of the camera.”

Such instances are rare due to the fact that the official numbers of tigers are really declining in times like these.

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