4 Extremely Rare Golden Tiger Cubs Are Born In A Zoo In China

A zoo in China recently announced that they have welcomed 4 extremely rare Golden Tiger Cubs!

3 females and 1 male golden tiger cubs were born on October 19, 2020, at the Taihu Lake Longemont Paradise.

The park has a zoo and it is one of the best in Huzhou City, which is located in the Zhejiang Province of China.

The amazing news was made public through a post on social media, where the zoo officials said:

The golden tiger is a mutant tiger species produced by the genetic mutation of the Bengal tiger. The breeding rate is lower than that of their close relatives, the white tiger, and the snow tiger, and there are fewer of them than pandas.

Not much is known about the rare animals.

But it was revealed by the zoo that the extremely rare golden tiger cubs are being given extreme care by zookeepers because their parents, who are first-time parents, are not showing much love and affection towards them.

Big cats that show less affection and love towards their younglings are known to end up eating them or sometimes abandon them.

Such instances have been recorded.

Golden tigers are extremely rare and are known to be more precious than pandas.

The golden color of tigers comes from a recessive trait that affects the production of black color during the hair growth cycle.

Tiger colorations vary from the areas that they live in. some are white, some have extremely heavy orange-black stripes, and others have thin orange-black stripes.

It is said that 30 golden tigers only exist in the world.

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