Lionesses groom adorable cub as pride enjoy bonding together after sunrise in Kenya’s Masai Mara

An adorable lion cub was seen enjoying the company of his aunties as their face was being licked during a grooming session.

The amazing incident that we are talking about happened after sunrise in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Amazing pictures show the 3-month-old youngster enjoying a prized position during the early morning grooming session of the pride.

The little one was seen being licked by the lions and in the images you can see how 2 of their aunties was making sure the little one looked nice.

Here are the pictures that were taken:

Mark Boyd, the director of the conservation group Safari Collection Footprint Foundation, took the images at the Sala’s Camp.

Talking about the moment, they said:

I was loving this incredibly special and intimate moment with a family of lions I have known and spent a huge amount of time with for the past seven years.  The two adult lionesses are from the Sala’s Pride and the cub is around three months old. We left camp at dawn to try and find this pride of lions before sunrise as we had heard them roaring in the early morning hours nearby. We found them grooming and stretching as the sun came up.

What an amazing capture by Boyd!

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