Little Kitten Feeds On Milk From Loving Nursing Dog In Nigeria

A video that is  viral on the internet right now shows an adorable kitten feeding on milk from a nursing dog in a small village in Nigeria.

The video shows an unusual love, which everyone is loving on social media.

It shows a little kitten getting milk from a mother dog, showing that a mother’s love has no boundaries.

The incident reportedly happened in a remote village that is located in Nigeria.

Watch the video below:

The video was shared by Reuters on Twitter along with the caption:

It’s a most unusual sight: a kitten was spotted feeding on milk from a nursing dog in a remote village in Nigeria.

The kitten was sucking for milk and the dog was seen sleeping on the ground.

The video has over 404,000 views on Twitter alone along with over 2000 favorites and over 400 retweets.

Here are some of the best comments that were left by social media users after they watched the video that was shared by the Reuters:

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