South Africa: Couple Shocked After Finding 6 Lions Lounging Around On Their Patio

A couple in South Africa were left in complete shock after they found 6 massive lions lounging around on their patio.

David De Beer and Mariska, his wife, had no clue that there was something on their patio, but when opening up their curtains, they realized the lions were there.

The lions were not phased by the couple initially, but after they closed the door as they entered the house, the lions ran off.

The incident happened in the town of Hoedspruit.

David, the owner of Davon Construction, a building firm, said that he and Mariska were out to visit the house of his father on Leadwood Estate to check up the property, which was on sale.

Upon getting there, they realized that someone had already moved in the house.

Lions are known to roam freely in the Leadwood Estate, which is over 5,500 hectares large.

It is located between the Kruger National Parka and the Blyde River Canyon, so you can guess that animals will be present there.

I mean, I would be shocked too if I went inside my house and find lions roaming around.

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