This “Nano-Chameleon” Is The World’s Smallest Reptile And It Can Sit On Your Fingertip

The world’s smallest reptile is so small that it can sit on your fingertip.

Nano-Chameleons, which are also known as the Brookesia Nana, are so small that they can take a seat on the fingertip of a human.

Yep, they are that small.

Here are some of the very rare images of the 2 nano-chameleons that have been discovered by humans.

According to reports, the only 2 ones that have been discovered are male and female.

Researchers are trying to analyze them for the differences that they have.

Official reports suggest, the female was measured at around 19mm and 29mm with her tail.

Their small size has made them the smallest geckos and chameleons in the world.

Frank Glaw, the first author of the study, said:

At a body length of just 13.5mm and a total length of just 22mm including the tail, the male Nano-Chameleon is the smallest known male of all higher vertebrates. The brookesiine chameleon genus Brookesia consists of predominantly terrestrial species divided in two major lineages, which diverged from each other ca. 40–50 million years ago. One of these lineages includes larger species of 34–66 mm SVL, while the other contains only highly miniaturized species. However, at this point, it remains a mystery why nano-chameleons are tiny in size.

Andolalao Rakotaorison, the co-author of the study, said:

There are numerous extremely miniaturised vertebrates in Madagascar, including the smallest primates and some of the smallest frogs in the world, which have evolved independently.

Such small animals.

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