10 Extremely Rare Black Seal Pups Spotted In England’s Largest Grey Seal Colony

10 extremely rare black seal pups were spotted together in a nature reserve in England and they are just adorable.

According to reports, wardens on the North Norfolk Coast were left amazed after they spotted 10 rare black seal pups in the largest grey seal colony of England.

Grey seals are born white and after some time, they shed their fur so their body could automatically expose the grey coat that they have.

In every 400 grey seals birth, there is 1 that has a velvety black coat, which is why they are so rare.

Rangers at the largest grey seal colony found around 10 melanistic pups over the course of the winter’s pupping season.

Volunteer Warden Hanne Siebers managed to picture some of the seals that they spotted at the Blakeney Point.

Here are some of the images that were caught by the Warden:

The National Trust released a statement about the black pups, where they said:

Typically, grey seals are born white but their coat changes colour when they shed their fur. Like their name suggests, it’s only when they moult a black velvety coat can be revealed. Black seals are rare with research suggesting approximately 1 in 400 grey seals are melanistic. Our rangers have spotted 10 so far this season. Melanism is the increased development of the dark-coloured pigment melanin.

What an amazing discovery!

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