Amateur Photographer Pictures Eel Burrowing Out Of Flying Heron’s Stomach

An amateur wildlife photographer shared an image recently and it shows a picture of an ell burrowing out of a flying heron’s stomach.

Eel just get out of this heron’s stomach.

Jokes aside, let’s go back to the original topic.

In the images that he shared on social media, a large ell could be seen making a leap of faith in order to attain freedom.

As a result, the eel made a hole in the stomach of the heron and was caught on cam dangling in the air.

This has to be one of the rarest images to be ever taken!

Sam Davis, an engineer from Maryland, loves to grab his camera and take images of the wildlife during his free time.

One day, Davis, who is 58, was out one day and could not believe his luck when he saw a heron flying overhead with a snake eel that was out of its stomach.


The eel is believed to have dug out their way after it was eaten up by the eel.

Talking about the pictures that he took at the time, Davis said:

I went to the refuge to photograph foxes and eagles and whatever else may be interesting. There were two young eagles that saw the herons predicament and were following him around, I assume they sensed a meal. When I got home and edited the photos I could see it was an eel that was coming through his neck. I could see his eyes and he was still alive.

It is not known if the eel remained inside the stomach of the heron after the picture was taken.

But we are pretty sure that the hole the snake eel made to get out would hurt a lot.

The best thing about this is that experts said that they have never seen anything like this before in their lives.

Talking about the rarity of the images that he took, Sam said:

The wildlife refuge said they have never seen anything like that before. It is kind of a morbid photo. There was also a fox who sensed that there was an animal in distress. He followed the heron also and kept an eye on the eagles.

Nature is pretty weird sometimes, but it’s amazing!

If you want to follow Sam and see the images that he takes, you can do so by visiting his Instagram account.

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