Horrible Video Shows Cobra Throwing Up Plastic Bottle

A distressing video that is viral on social media right now shows a cobra throwing a plastic bottle, showcasing the plastic pollution.

The video went viral on Twitter, a social media, where it was shared by IFS (Indian Forest Officer) Parveen Kaswan.

The video shows a cobra throwing up a plastic bottle that it had swallowed.

The video is 48-second long, where the snake can be seen on the ground with a swollen belly, surrounded by a couple of people.

After being prodded with a stick, the snake starts to throw up the plastic bottle.

It is not clear when the video was captured.

IFS Kaswan shared the video along with a caption: “When it comes to #plastic there is nothing called as throwing away.”

It added, “See how single use plastic like bottles effecting the wildlife & other species. Video may disturb you.”

Cobras are capable of throwing up, unlike other animals, who will just end up dying in pain.

IFS Kaswan added, “Other animals can’t do that. They will die in pain.”

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