Doctors Remove Massive 7 Kilogram Hairball From Teen’s Stomach After She Chewed Hair For Years

Doctors were left shocked after they found a hairball weighing 7 kilograms inside a teenager’s stomach.

The family of the 17-year-old girl, who is from the Jharkhand state, India, said that she chewed her hair for years.

Sweety Kumari, the girl, underwent an operation in Bokaro district on August 31, 2020.

A hairball weighing 15 pounds was retrieved from her abdomen.

It took 6 hours for the doctors to remove the hairball.

Images that were shared with the public shows a team of doctors operating on the girl and retrieving the massive entangled mass of hair.

Dr. GN Sahu and a team of doctors operated on Kumari at a private hospital in Bokaro.

Dr. Sahu said that it was the first time in his 40-year career that he had witnessed such a massive accumulation of hair in a stomach.

3 years ago, the doctors thought that Kumari had a tumor in her stomach as there was a circular mass seen in an ultrasound.

Doctors that were treating her said that the girl had a bad habit of chewing her hair for a lot of years.

They believe this habit led hair to accumulate inside her abdomen, which later laced her entire stomach.

Kumari is currently stable and has been released from the hospital after a preliminary observation.

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