Dog Left In Tears After 11-Inch Stick Was Inserted Into Her Private Parts By Heartless Cowards Who Raped Her

An 8-year-old female dog in Mumbai, India was left in tears after an 11-inch stick was inserted into her private parts by heartless cowards.

According to reports, Noorie, the dog that we are talking about, was assaulted inside a shopping complex in Mumbai’s Powai area.

The incident came to light recently after a video of the dog crying was shared on Instagram, where it went viral right away.

It is said that a woman that provides food and medicine to the animals on a daily basis found the dog in a very bad condition.

There was a lot of blood, said the rescuer.

The dog was rushed to a medical facility, where vets quickly pointed out that the dog was sexually abused by a pervert.

A long wooden stick was also inserted into the private part of the dog.

Devi Sheth, who took Noorie to the hospital, told Mumbai Mirror that the dog was lying in a pool of blood when she saw her.

She added:

She was in a pool of blood. There was no response, but you could see she was suffering… When we found her, so many people were just walking past… Strays are our responsibility. But people discard them like they are nothing.

Noorie is currently in critical condition and the stick was removed by the experts in the best way possible.

The ad part about this story is that the intestines of Noorie have ruptured, a number of her organs were also damaged and she is not looking fit to survive this fight.

A nonprofit organization is currently trying to raise money for her treatment and is trying to find the heartless coward that did such an act.

It was confirmed that the Powai police registered a case for investigation under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and relevant sections under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

On October 23, 2020, a case was registered officially.

Vijay Dalvi, a police officer with the Powai Police Station, released a statement about the incident.

The statement said that the police visited the place where the incident happened.

The police are now trying to trace the attackers by looking at and gathering CCTV footage of cameras that are installed in the area.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Noorie, may she recover from the injuries that she sustained in the horrible incident.

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