Hilarious Video Shows Airport Official Chasing Monkeys While Dressing Up As Bear

A lot of hilarious moments are caught on cam, so go viral, some become memes, but very little ones become so hilarious that they get to win the hearts of social media users.

In the most recent viral video that is winning the hearts of social media users, you can see an airport official chasing monkeys while dressing up as a bear.

According to local reports, the incident happened at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad, India.

In the video, staff can be seen chasing a bunch of monkeys at a high-speed.

Manoj Gangal, the director of the airport, said the incident was part of an experiment they were doing under their efforts to scare away the monkeys in their airport.

Director Gangal said their hilarious experiment was a success.

In case you guys are wondering where this hilarious and working solution came from, it all started at a village in Uttar Pradesh, where 2 men ended up dressing as bears to scare away thousands of monkeys that were ruling on their village.

If it is working, is it dumb?

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