India: Businessman Murdered By 21-Year-Old Employee Over Pay Cut Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

New Delhi, India: A 21-year-old man was arrested by the Delhi Police for murdering his boss after he was given a pay-cut amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

Tasleem, who is from UP (Uttar Pradesh), was working as a domestic helper for Om Prakash, a 45-year-old businessman, and farmer.

Authorities said that Tasleem had a salary of Rs. 15,000, however, the pandemic made it hard for Om to pay him his salary, so he asked to take a reduced pay.

Preliminary investigations revealed that an argument broke out between the 2, where Om Prakash slapped Tasleem.

After Om Prakash went to sleep, Tasleem told the police that he went to his room, hit his head with a stick, slit the throat of his employer, and packed his body into a sack.

He then threw the body in a nearby well.

The next day, he told the relatives of Om Prakash that he had gone away on business, but hours later, he left the house with the fear of getting caught.

The police were called in on August 12, 2020, after a missing complaint was filed by the nephew of Om Prakash.

Om Prakash was last seen on August 10, 2020, with Tasleem.

The police had no clues or lead in the case, but luckily a neighbor told them that there was a strong odor coming out from a well, which was the well where the body of Om Prakash was dumped.

Upon investigating, the police found the dead body of Om Prakash there.

The cops swung into action after finding out that Tasleem had taken the motorcycle and mobile phone of his employer with him.

Raids were carried out in the house of Tasleem in UP and other areas, but he managed to evade an arrest.

On Sunday (August 23, 2020), the police arrested him from the Jharoda Kalan area of West Delhi after receiving a tip-off about him.

The mobile phone, documents, and the knife that was used in the crime were found in the possession of Tasleem when he was arrested.

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