Indian Businessman Recovers From Coronavirus, Converts Office Into COVID-19 Ward To Provide Free Treatment For Poor

Surat, India: An Indian businessman who recovered from the coronavirus has converted his office into an 85-bed facility so free treatment could be provided to the poor people of the city.

This comes after India confirmed that the country has over 1.5 million confirmed cases of the virus. India has over 35,000 deaths.

With public hospitals struggling to cope, Kadar Shaikh spent 20 days in a private clinic last month and was horrified by the bill that he got.

During an interview with AFP, Shaikh, who works as a property dealer, said:

The cost of treatment at a private hospital was huge. How could poor people afford such treatment? So I decided to do something and contribute in the fight against the deadly virus.

Once back on his feet, Shaikh secured approval from local authorities to convert his 30,000-square-feet office into a ward for the poor, where they will get free treatment.

The government will provide staff, medical equipment, and medicine.

Shaikh bought the beds, bears, and other staff. Not only that, but he will also pay for the electricity bill.

When asked who could avail the services of his ward, Shaikh said caste, creed, or religion doesn’t matter.

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