Indian Herbal Pharmacist Dies After Drinking Formula He Made To “Cure” Coronavirus

A 47-year-old pharmacist and the production manager of a Chennai-based Ayurvedic product company, died after consuming a corrosive chemical that he prepared with hopes of curing the coronavirus.

K.Sivanesan, 47, the pharmacist, who is a qualified ophthalmologist and was working at the Sujatha Biotech, an Ayurvedic and herbal company, was rushed to a hospital after fainting following the ingestion of a chemical component.

Dr. Raj Kumar, a 67-year-old doctor and the managing director and owner of the Sujatha Biotech, also consume the chemical formula.

The 2 of them developed health problems after consuming the medicine.

A police officer probing the case said:

Both the employee and the owner consumed the mixture and developed health problems. The owner’s condition is stable now. They seem to have had a belief that the mixture may be used for COVID-19 treatment and to improve platelet count in the body. As both of them developed problems, they were rushed to a private hospital where Sivanesan died around 8 pm on Thursday.

According to the police, Sivanesan and Raj Kumar met on Thursday in order to make a medicine using Nitric Oxide and Sodium Nitrate.

The 2 thought it could be a possible treatment for the deadly coronavirus.

The 2 hoped that the company could end up making huge profits if their treatment succeeded in curing the virus.

Sodium hydrate is deadly, considering the fact that it is used in soaps and petroleum refining.

Sivanesan was rushed to a hospital in T.Nagar, but he was declared upon arrival.

His dead body was sent for an autopsy so the exact cause of his death could be known.

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