Indian Man Murders Mother Because She Was Slow In Serving Him Food

Patna, India: A heartless man in Bihar killed his mother because she was slow in serving him food, the incident has left local villagers in shock.

The incident happened in Sarayranjan Police Station limits in Samastipur district, which is located 90 kilometers away from Patna.

Ashok Thakur, the accused, asked his mother to serve food saying that he was very angry.

The mother cooked the food, so she failed to give him food at an instant.

Angered by the fact that he was extremely hungry, he started to behave abnormally with his mother, who is 75, and went into a verbal altercation with her.

The mother tried to calm down his son, but instead, he got angrier.

Thakur picked up a manual grinder and hit his mother on the head, leaving her in a pool of blood and severe injuries on the head.

She felt unconscious right away too.

Police official Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary said that the woman was rushed to a local hospital, where she was declared as dead upon arrival.

Thakur has been arrested by the police.

The brother of Thakur registered an official police complaint against him.

According to the brother of Thakur, the accused behaved roughly with him when he tried to save his elderly mum.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased, may her soul rest in peace.

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