Indian Man With Just Rs. 3 Finds Rs. 40,000 Cash, Returns It To Right Owner And Refuses To Take Cash Reward

Most of us would say “finder’s keepers” after finding something, but that’s not the case every single time. There are still some people on our planet that believe in honesty, and luckily, there is still some honesty in Maharashtra.

54-year-old Dhanaji Jagdale, a man from Satara, Maharashtra, is currently being used as an example to represent the word honesty.

Jagdale found Rs. 40,000 in cash lying at a bus stop, and returned the money ot its rightful owner, without expecting anything in return.

According to a report published by News18, Jagdale found a bundle of notes, which were a total of Rs. 40,000, in Dahiwadi on the day of Diwali this year.

Instead of keeping the entire money for himself, Jagdale started to find the right owner of the money.

After returning the money to the person who really owns it, he was offered Rs. 1,000 as a reward, and instead of receiving it, he returned it.

What’s more shocking about this story is that Jagdale had Rs. 3 rupees in his pocket when he found the money.

Jagdale had one request after returning the money to the right owner, and that was Rs. 7, so he could pay the bus fare to get to his village.

After his story went viral, local organizations and fortunate citizens of Maharashtra went to the house of Jagdale and to help him.

Instead of taking help or accepting cash reward, the old man refused everything.

Talking about why he doesn’t want to get the reward, Jagdale said, “I think by taking someone’s money, one would not get satisfaction. The only message I want to spread is that people should live honestly.”

It’s amazing that people like Jagdale still exist.

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