Good Samaritan Saves Dehydrated Kitten He Found Unconscious On Street

A resident from Montreal, Canada was walking in an alley when he noticed an unconscious dehydrated kitten lying on the floor.

The good lad knew something was wrong when he saw the cat lying in the middle of the ground in the middle of a hot day in early July.

The good Samaritan called a couple of places that could help the cat out, and luckily, Dan, a local animal rescuer, heard about the foundation of the man and rushed him right away.

Dan rushed to the scene along with Lucie, a volunteer, to rescue and save the cat.

When the 2 arrived at the scene, they realized that the cat was emaciated, had an eye infection, and was dehydrated.

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Dan and Lucie gave food to the unconscious cat before bringing him to a vet in the area.

The 2 then brought the cat to a vet, where he received antibiotics, fluids, and eye treatment.

Dan and Lucie took the 4-week old cat to Chatons Orphelins Montreal, where he was taken care of.

The volunteers named the cat “Marvel” and started to look for a foster care home for him that would love him and take care of him.

Marvel loves to be around people and loves to sleep amongst them.

Marvel is now 13-weeks-old and is still looking for his forever loving family.

If you want to adopt and take care of little Marvel, you may contact the Chatons Orphelins Montreal through social media or email.

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