Indian Patient Dies After Family Members Unplugged Ventilator So They Could Plug Air Cooler

A 40-year-old man at a hospital in Kota, India, died after his family members unplugged the ventilator that he was on.

According to reports, the family of the 40-year-old man died after his family members plugged in an air cooler.

The man was suspected to have been infected with the coronavirus, however, his tests showed that he did not have it.

He was admitted to an ICU wad in the Maharao Bhim Singh (MBS) Hospital on June 13, 2020.

The staff of the hospital said that a 3 member committee will be looking into the unfortunate incident.

According to the hospital, the 40-year-old man, whose identity was not shared with the public, was in an isolated ward as he was suspected to have the deadly disease.

As it was extremely hot in the isolation ward, the family members of the man bought an air cooler, however, they could not find any socket for it, so they accidentally unplugged the ventilator.

The life-saving device managed to run for 30 minutes on backup power, however, after it ran out of power the man started to have problems.

Upon finding out, the doctors and the medical staff ran to perform CPR on the patient, however, he passed away.

Dr. Naveen Saxena, the superintendent of the Maharao Bhim Singh (MBS) Hospital, said that a committee, which includes deputy superintendent, nursing superintendent, and chief medical officer on duty will probe the incident.

A report will be given to Dr. Saxena today.

The committee has recorded statements of medical staff in the isolation wards, however, the family members of the deceased patient did not respond to the panel.

Dr. Saxena said that action will be taken against the person that is found responsible in the probe report.

Hospital deputy superintendent Dr. Sameer Tandon.

The isolation ward is fully equipped and has a medical station that houses 4 to 5 medical staff and a resident doctor present all the time.

The family members allegedly did not seek permission to plug in the cooler. They also misbehaved with the staff of the hospital and the doctor that was on the duty.

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