Indian Police Officer Runs 2 Kilometers To Help Ambulance Carrying Critically Ill Get Through Heavy Traffic

A traffic police officer in India is currently being hailed as a hero by thousands of social media users after he was caught on cam running 2 kilometers in order to help an ambulance get through heavy traffic.

This is what heroes do!

According to a report that was published by the New Indian Express, the police officer ran through heavy traffic in Hyderabad, India, in order to clear a path for an ambulance that was transporting a patient that was in critical patient.

The ambulance was traveling from Abids to Koti on Monday when the police officer noticed that the ambulance was not going through.

G Babji, the police constable, was identified by The News Minute.

The incident happened on Monday this week, but it only caught attention after a video of the police officer emerged on the internet 2 days after it originally happened.

The officer reportedly ran over 2 kilometers to make sure that the ambulance would go ahead without any hindrance.

The video has helped Babji get praise from social media users.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Kumar also saw the video and tweeted his statement, where they thanked the kind act of Babji.

ACP Kumar said:

Hyderabad Traffic Police officer Babji of Abids Traffic PS clearing the way for an ambulance, Well done! HTP in the service of citizens.

IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra was also another big named official in India to praise the work of the police officer.

They also shared the video of the officer on social media.

Officer Kabra said:

Hyderabad Cop ran few miles to help ambulance. Hope the patient is fine now. #IndiaSalutesYou for sheer dedication & service.

Not only officials, but social media users were also quick in thanking the kind police officer for doing such a thing.

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