Indian Railway Police Call Man To Inform Him They Had Found His Wallet That He Lost in 2006

A man that lost his wallet in a Mumbai local train back in 2006 got a call from the Indian Railway Police and was informed that his wallet had been found.

It took them 14 years huh, 14 years.

Hemant Padalkar, the man that we are talking about, lost his wallet when he was traveling in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus-Panvel.

14 years after, he got a call from the Government Railway Police and was told that they had found a lost property of his.

But because of the pandemic and strict lockdown conditions, the man could not claim it.

He said:

My wallet at that time contained Rs. 900, including a Rs. 500 note that was demonetized. The Vashi GRP returned 300 to me. They deducted Rs. 100 for stamp paperwork and said the remaining Rs. 500 would be returned after exchanging the scrapped currency note with a new one.

Imagine finding something that you had lost 14 years before.

Lucky lad you are Hemant.

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