Indian Woman Thrashes Sick Mother-In-Law, Viral Video Helps Police In Arresting Her

In a video that is viral on social media, an elderly woman was filmed being physically abused by another video, who turned out to be her daughter-in-law.

The video was captured by their concerned neighbor, who shared it on Facebook.

In the video that is viral on social media, the elderly woman could be heard screaming and another woman could be seen beating her with her hands.

Concerned over the situation, the woman took a video of the incident and shared it on social media to get media and official attention.

Luckily, it did and the Kolkata Police were alarmed on social media.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the incident happened in the Basdroni area of South Kolkata.

The police then took quick action and the abuser was arrested the following day.

It was later found out that the woman in the video, Yashoda Paul, has amnesia and was being punished by the daughter-in-law for plucking flowers from the garden without permission.

Sergent Subhro Chakraborty of the Basdroni Police station came across the viral video and reported it to his seniors.

With the help of the video and the person who shared it, the police managed to went there.

They arrested Swapna Paul and rescued the elderly woman.

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